Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


All copyright for courses is vested in Aspire Future Limited. Registered in England and Wales Company Registration No. 09654374

Course Requirements (Access Courses Only)

The minimum age for completing an Access to Higher Education Diploma is 19, anyone below this age will not be able to study any of these courses. Students must have a UK registered address to study an Access to Higher Education Diploma.
Course Requirements- English Language By purchasing an Aspire Course you agree that you are able to understand the English language sufficiently to be able to complete the course. If English is your second language, you agree to inform Aspire prior to enrolment in order to be assessed for your English skills.

Course Delivery

On purchase of a course, students will be provided with access to our online Moodle platform where they can start their course. The course start date shall be taken to be the date upon which the student makes their first payment for the course.


By purchasing one of the courses, you are required to send us a copy of your ID. In addition to this, if you are taking an Access to HE Diploma, you will need and confirm whether or not you have any special learning needs and supply evidence if required. Failure to provide ID and this confirmation will mean you will not be able to pass the course as it is a requirement of the QAA.


Course assessors will respond to students' queries and will give feedback on work submitted within 10 working days of submission of the query or work. Students may avail themselves of customer services during normal working hours, 9-5 GMT Monday to Friday excluding British Bank Holidays.


Courses are refundable if a refund is applied for within 14 days of the course start date (defined as the date when your first payment is made), for all unopened courses where you have not signed in to the course and have not viewed or had access to any course materials. If your course requires an AIM enrolment fee, then this fee is non-refundable. Refunds will be made in full for unopened courses minus any AIM enrolment fees within 30 days of the refund request. Courses which have been opened by the student, or for which a refund is requested after 14 days, are non-refundable.

Part Payment

If you choose to pay for the course by instalments you agree that your account will be debited by us with your scheduled monthly instalments without additional notice. If you cancel your part payment but have opened the course or have not opened the course but are over 14 days past the course start date, you are liable to pay the remaining balance of the course fees, and an invoice will be raised to pay the outstanding balance. If you do not make catch up payments and resume your instalment plan within 14 days, then your outstanding balance becomes due in full. You agree that you are liable for our legal costs in recovering the outstanding balance owed and that if unpaid we will use a debt collection agency to recover the fees, at which point additional costs will be incurred. If you stop instalment payments and wish to resume the course then at our discretion, either the entire outstanding balance will be payable in full, or you will be required to catch up on all missed payments to date and then resume your instalment payments before being allowed to continue the course.

Replacements & Cancellation

We reserve the right to modify advertised courses at our discretion and to replace assessors at our discretion. Should we cancel any course, a full refund of the course fees will be provided and/or alternative arrangements will be made with another suitable provider.

Reasonable Use Policy

Students have access to assessors for support and assessment purposes. At our discretion, we may impose a reasonable use restriction on any student deemed to be over utilising the support offered.


While every effort will be made to provide assessment facilities for as long as the student requires, assessment rights expire after 3 years from the course start date, after which time they cannot be guaranteed. An additional fee may be charged for assessment after this time.


Completion of the course is subject to the student’s satisfactory work and cannot be guaranteed. Aspire accepts no liability for the student’s failure to complete the course, find employment, find a university place, or gain other benefits from the course.


All messages and interactions between students and assessors can be accessed/viewed by Aspire at our discretion.


For any complaints regarding your course or learning experience, please email admin@aspirsecourses.com. We aim to resolve any concerns and complaints within 6 weeks.

University places (Access Diplomas only)

While Access to Higher Education Diplomas are designed to enable access to university, university places cannot be guaranteed by completing an Aspire course.
Professional Association Membership/Further professional training While Aspire Therapy Courses are designed to allow you to join (at pre-registrant level) the professional bodies advertised, and to undergo further professional training, membership and training places cannot be guaranteed.