The Rise of Portfolio Careers

The Rise of Portfolio Careers

What is a Portfolio Career and why are they on the rise?

Today, more and more young people are aiming to get back into the field of study alongside their day job. The need to devour more information and expand on knowledge is one reason, but the other is that career progression is one of the ways that people can build their experience and grow in their chosen industry. Most of the young people today do not sit well with the idea that they are to have one career for the rest of their lives, mainly as we are now full to the brim with people who are multi-skilled, with many areas of interest. We expect more from our jobs and from ourselves, and it's because of these expectations that portfolio careers are on the rise.

What Is A Portfolio Career?

A portfolio career has come about because people are supplementing their regular income with side hustles. The jobs themselves are made from a number of roles and allow for skills to be impressively blended, and people can work their skills across different industries and companies. While portfolio careers start off as a side hustle and a way to generate a new income, they end up as a more regular, creative way of working.

Why Are Portfolio Careers A Good Thing?

When an individual expands their knowledge with online courses and education courses, they become a more versatile worker. This enables them to find some security in an unstable working environment where jobs are no longer available. Those who work a portfolio career can increase work in one area to make up for insecure work in another. Flexible working can be challenging to come by, and portfolio working is something that allows for those with shifting priorities to generate an income still.

As well as all of that, it's highly possible that one career path cannot give you the skills that you need to achieve better career progression. One job also cannot provide an individual with the work-life balance that they crave. Portfolio careers, however, can do this, allowing a person to diversify in what they can offer and spot the changing trends in their industry.

Getting What You Want From Your Career

Portfolio careers are rising because people are mixing it up with their employers, using a multitude of different skills and attempting to network in a variety of areas in business. This is allowing people to improve their skills and get what they want from their career. Designing your own career is becoming more and more popular, and as you are the person in charge of your future, you have to see yourself as an independent business that requires a level of flexibility that wasn't recognised previously.

So, You Want To Start A Portfolio Career?

There is so much to consider when you want to start your own portfolio career. Your circumstances and lifestyle may not suit a portfolio career, and you may not be able to sustain it in the long term. It's going to take research to know if your skills suit this type of work, and now's the time to do it!