The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Why the concept of lifelong learning is so important and relevant to today’s society

Lifelong learning is not just something that benefits the individual. While it can improve your life in a number of ways, it's also important for society as a whole and for the future of work. When people are continually learning and updating their skills, it means that the workforce keeps growing and shifting to match the demands of society and industry.

Lifelong learning allows people to grow and add to their skills, filling skills gaps that benefit them personally. When people grow and change their career, it means they can offer the skills that employers are looking for, helping to keep their businesses going. New people entering the workforce might provide some necessary and emerging skills. However, they're not always the best people to do the job. Sometimes employers need experienced workers who also have up-to-date skills.

Anyone who wants to get stuck into lifelong learning can do so through online study and distance learning. There are many different areas of study that people can choose to help with their career development. If you want to continue to contribute to your industry or perhaps make a career change, learning at any age is possible with online courses.

Lifelong learning can help you to get back into work too, and help to improve overall employment levels. It can also help to reduce underemployment, getting people into work that's more suitable for their experience and skill level. Lifelong learning benefits society by making it easier for people to find the roles that are right for them.