A Good Clear Out

A Good Clear Out

For a whole variety of reasons, too long for this blog, I found myself a few days ago clearing out all the rubbish that had amassed in my car over the last couple of years.

Now don’t judge me – not all of us have immaculate showroom squeaky clean cars...and that’s OK!

Anyway, in the course of the clear out, obviously I re-discovered a whole range of things, along with some unexpected finds as well.....the old, old mobile phone cover my daughter used many years ago; endless supermarket receipts; the garage receipt for the last service; a motley assortment of pens; and the inevitable snack food wrappings.

Some bits and pieces obviously went straight in the bin. Others found a new home in their rightful place.

And some provided a few moments of reliving memories of family outings over the years. Just one or two were reminders of some of life’s “nasties” or jobs undone.

It’s a bit like that in a therapy session really isn’t it?

We may start with the obvious stuff on the surface, but as we work through the bits and pieces, we found half-forgotten memories that connect with other stuff.

We have those “aha” moments. Or those “oh dear” moments. We may emerge from the clear out with a renewed sense of vigour; or an element of sadness and regret; or an energy for further work of clearing out. It will all be there – the good, the bad and the ugly. But it’s all part of our life. And we will find connections, answers and understanding. As well as, hopefully, a new beginning.

Whether that’s in the therapy room or clearing out the car. Now I have to finish the job, so I’m off to the car wash..........

What’s your clear out project just now?