5 ways to stay focused when studying online

5 ways to stay focused when studying online

Our tips on making sure you stay focused with your studies from home

The internet has made things more accessible for everyone. However, it can be seeping with enticing distractions. We have all caught ourselves taking a quiz to see what cheese we would be, or watching animals be cute. It can be a slipper slope that is all too easy to get trapped in. So here are our top tips to keep your head in the game whilst studying online!

1. Create a routine

Give a few minutes to yourself to get into the mindset of studying. Whether this is setting up your favourite stationary, or plugging in your headphones, ensure that you do this every time! This will help your mind switch into study mood.

2. Try a To-Do list

A to do list is one of those things that can feel like a life saver or a time waster. It can be easy to think “why spend time making a to do list when I could just get on with it” and to do lists won’t work for everyone. However, if you haven’t tried it then you will never know! It can feel amazing ticking off what you have achieved in a day. Make it tactile, try writing it out on paper and giving your body the satisfaction of holding a pen and ticking that box! It’s like a little high five for yourself!

3. Plan breaks and rewards

It can be easy to try and sit tight staring at a screen until you have read everything. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to stick, and you are bound to get burnt out or distracted. Set yourself smaller achievable targets from which you can then have a break or treat. Maybe it is 30 minutes of study = 5 minutes of social media or 1 hour = a coffee, try different things until something works for you. Remember your brain may be a supercomputer but your body is only human!

4. Try a different approach

Sometimes words on a screen can come across just like that, words on a screen. It is ok if something doesn’t make sense or doesn’t stick. Try looking at it from a different angle, now I don’t mean standing on the chair, but why not try one of our audio files or illustrations to see if you can get that light bulb moment!

5. Keep in mind why you are studying

With a lot of files to get through, a mountain of work to do and more boxes to tick, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated. This is the time you need to remind yourself of the big picture and the end goal of why you are studying online. What enticed you signed up to the course? For more opportunities or a change in career? It can be helpful to remind yourself of this! Why not try writing it on post-it-notes to put on your computer? Or have it as a mantra you say before every study session. Together we will get you to where you want to be!