5 tips on how to make your study space work for you

5 tips on how to make your study space work for you

Keep focussed with these top tips on the perfect study space.

Everyone has their own way of studying. Some like to write and rewrite facts, others make up songs or imagery. No matter how you study, a study space is something that helps you settle into that state of mind. Just flopping down on the sofa with Netflix on in the background may not be the best way to get the focus you need! Here we look at some ideas on how to make a space that keeps you motivated!

Pick a place

Space is often in short supply. However, you might see a big difference in your ability to concentrate if you pick a spot and stick to it! It allows yourself to recognise that it is time to knuckle down and get things done. If you can keep this spot to a study only zone even better!

Get your supplies at the ready!
You are halfway through a big piece and…damn where’s that pen? Keep yourself stocked up with everything you need for the study session. Pens, paper, pencils, and a little treat can go a long way to keeping you on track!

Try a timer

If you have set yourself a time limit or target, it can be hard to fight the temptation to check your phone and see what time it is, and check that notification! Pop the phone in a draw and try a proper clock and timer. It’s going to go off when you have reached your target, so keep that head down until it does. The gentle ticking of the clock might just get you into a good rhythm.

Motivation for the nation

When you look up what do you see? A blank wall? The kitchen? The great outdoors? Not all study spaces are going to have beautiful scenery and majestic animals, sorry to disappoint! However, make the space your own! Try some motivational quotes, maybe write what your end goal is and pin it up to keep you in the zone. From goats to Van Gough, anything is good, if it keeps you on track!

Sense the difference

Whilst your brain is getting a workout, try and get your senses involved. Colours can play a part in how you feel, try cooler colours for a calmer effect! Jasmine, lemon or peppermint can be a mood boosters for some and help with your productivity. Try out a few different things and see what works best for you!