Level 2 Counselling Certificate

NCS Quality Checked

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Counselling cert

This Ofqual Level 2 Certificate in Counselling is your first step to becoming a recognised, professional counsellor.

This nationally recognised qualification is a great way of starting your journey into counselling, whether for self-study, career enhancement, or to start your professional journey to train as a counsellor.

The course is Quality Checked by The National Counselling Society and when you complete it, you are guaranteed an interview to start full face to face professional counselling training in over 20 national venues.

If you want to start your journey in counselling, but don't know where to begin, then you can with this recognised online course

Quality Checked by the National Counselling Society, when you complete the course you'll be guaranteed an interview for full, face to face professional training. This really is your first step into a great profession.

This course is right for you if you want to start your journey as a counsellor in an online environment with expert support

You'll experience the counselling profession at a foundational level, and gain a qualification recognised by the National Counselling Society. Once you qualify, you'll be guaranteed an interview to commence full professional training. You'll also be offered (if successful) a 10% discount on that training, worth up to £500.

Payment Options

Payment in Full:

Receive a 10% discount at the time of purchase when you pay in full.

Course fees: £297.00

Registration fee: £46.00

Total Cost of the Course: £343.00


Monthly Payment Plan:

Initial deposit: £55.00

Registration fee: £46.00

Total at the time of purchase: £101.00

Followed by 5 monthly instalments of £55.00

Total Cost of the Course: £376.00

How will my course work?

Moodle is a VLE, or virtual learning environment, that was created specifically for online courses, and is designed to be easy to use, interactive and helpful.

Once you’ve enrolled and received your login, you’ll be able to access your course, which is easy to follow and designed so that you always know where you are, what you have to do and how you can progress through the course.

Each module is presented as a book, you just ‘turn’ the pages as you work through the module. Moodle gives us the opportunity to provide you with varied activities to help your learning in each unit, such as quizzes and interactive material. Resources such as videos are used in units whenever possible, so you don’t have to leave the Moodle to view them and you don’t need to download lots of documents.

On Moodle, it’s easy to:

  • Complete unit activities
  • Check your answers to unit activities
  • Submit your assessments
  • Receive feedback from an assessor
  • Keep up to date with any news or announcements relevant to your Diploma
  • Send and receive messages

One thing you always need to keep in mind – you can’t break it!

What help is available on the course?

Once you enrol, you will have access to your course units and will be provided with a student handbook. In addition, an expert assessor will provide feedback on all of your assessments.

We also have a student team that you can contact for support via email or over the phone.

How much time will I need?

The guided learning time for this Level 2 Certificate in Counselling is 130 hours in total.

What's the quickest time I could qualify?

Once enrolled you are given a total of 2 years to complete your diploma. The completion time varies depending on individual circumstances and how much time can be dedicated to working through and completing the course.

What's the longest I could take?

The longest you would be allowed to complete your course would be 2 years from the date you start the course.


On completion of the course, you will achieve:

  • A Level 2 Qualification recognised by AIM Awards and quality checked by The National Counselling Society
  • An Aspire Courses Level 2 Certificate in Counselling
  • Guaranteed interview for face-to-face professional counselling training held in 30 venues across the UK which offers a route to the Accredited Register
  • 10% Discount on professional training if successful.

Please note:

Distance Learning Courses do NOT qualify you as a professional counsellor. Do not purchase this course if you intend to practice as a counsellor without undertaking further face to face professional training which is recognised as sufficient to join a Government approved Accredited Register such as the National Counselling Society.

Counselling is a serious profession where you are asked to support people who could have complex needs and mental health issues. If you attempt to offer counselling without full face to face training you are likely to cause harm to your clients which could have legal consequences. Please use your Aspire certificate responsibly as a first step to professional training only.


Courses are fully booked for 2020

Due to a high level of people wanting to study from home, our courses are now fully booked for 2020.


The whole purpose of an Aspire Online Course is to help people in your situation to be successful.

Many people are nervous when they start a course, particularly if they haven't been in a classroom for some time. At Aspire, we are aware of this and have taken it into account when designing all of our; you won't be thrown in at the deep end or tested on things that you forgot years ago. Our online courses are designed to be easy to understand and you’ll be supported in your learning.

Subjects Covered

Module 1 Syllabus

Introduction to Counselling: Relationship and Ethics and Communication in Counselling
No.Subject UnitGraded

1. A first look at some different counselling approaches.


2. What is the counselling relationship.


3. The counselling environment.


4. Working ethically.


5. Introduction to counselling skills.


Module 2 Syllabus

Counselling Techniques
No.Subject UnitGraded

1. Looking at concepts from different approaches


2. Techniques from different approaches


3. The beginning and ending of the counselling relationship.


Module 3 Syllabus

Counselling Practice: Reflection and Development
No.Subject UnitGraded

1. Cementing knowledge.


2. Cementing skills.


3. Looking at your self-development.


4. Bringing all the aspects together.


5. Where next?